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Water, Water Everywhere

A wise guy once said, “Invest in real estate, they will never make any more of it.” Mostly true, but a very similar thing can be said about water, or as the National Geographic put it: “All the water that will ever be is, right now.”

Is there a resource any more vital than water? Of course, not. And all over the globe agriculture is one of the leading users of water resources. The trick is, of course to use that water wisely as water in some form and some quantity is absolutely necessary for crops. But what is wise use? And even, what are we actually doing to and with our water?

Unmanned plane from UWOne project at the UW-Madison is seeking answers to what is happening with surface water discharges by using an unmanned, over grown radio controlled airplane to gather data to answer questions like these.

If you are interested in learning more about water resources in Wisconsin here are two sites to check out.

The UW Water Resources Institute is clearinghouse of water related research and information. And if you prefer your information in hard back, perhaps you should check out Wisconsin’s Water Library. You can check out real books on our water resources here in Wisconsin for free (assuming you are a Wisconsin resident…if not perhaps you should consider moving here).

You can’t start working on what should be until you know what is.


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