Wisconsin Food System Partnership

Being new to the blogosphere I was worried whether or not I had picked an appropriate name for this little effort, but fortunately my fears were soon allayed.

Brilliant me started doing google searches after I had picked the name and registered with WordPress, but the first result when I searched “Wisconsin Food Web” was quite heartening.

The Wisconsin Food System Partnership is a cooperative program among many branches of the UW system that, in the words of their website:

…brings people from the community and the university together in partnerships to build a more food-secure future for all.

The program provides small grants and other support to community-university partners for a wide range of teaching, research, service, and action projects.

Hmmm…maybe I should ask them for a grant for this little project.  I would say that we are definitely walking on the same side of the street.  Here is part of their vision statement from their website:

The Wisconsin Food System Partnership seeks a more food-secure world in 2020 — a world with less poverty and a plentiful food supply that is varied, enjoyable, safe, and healthy.

Food will be produced and distributed in profitable, equitable, and environmentally sound ways that:
  • invigorate and regenerate the earth and its people;
  • equitably address local, regional, and global needs;
  • are consistent with community resources and objectives; and
  • take advantage of the most useful information and technology.

If I was smart and articulate it is just the sort of thing I would say that I was hoping to accomplish with my little electronic scribblings.  So, you can take that as somewhat of a vision statement for this blog as well.

And finally, the site even says what I was trying to get across on the “About” page and the first post here:

The food system involves people, the environment, and agriculture. It includes the following linked set of activities and organizations:

  • agriculture and agribusiness;
  • natural resources and the environment;
  • rural and urban community development;
  • health and nutrition;
  • biology and biotechnology;
  • science education;
  • international development; and
  • public policy.

I do see a lot of very nice words there, and I hope that as time goes on I can highlight more in the way of actions — people doing things to achieve the goals laid out.

Stay tuned.


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